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Looking for quality laser hair removal services? Laser Smooth Company in Gresham can help! We offer hair removal services in a variety of sizes, including large, medium, and small.  If you have an area of unwanted hair you’re considering for laser removal, come in for more information and a free consultation. Our goal is to make sure you are happy, confident, and excited about your laser hair removal process from start to finish. See what others are saying about us below.

5 Star Facebook Review: 5/21/2017
“Theee best thing I could have ever done! Bikini, underarms, legs.. haven’t shaved in forever.
Don’t waste your time with another business, Laser Smooth has the most updated equipment and extremely knowledgeable staff. I look forward to my appointments.” -Tara Purcell, OR

5 Star Facebook Review: 10/11/2016
“Kim is the best in the Portland area. She uses the most effective laser on the market, is competitively priced, and is an all around sweet human to be around.” -Betty Davidovicz, OR

5 Star Yelp Review: 8/11/2015
“Today I went in for a free consultation. Kim was super friendly, easy going, and put me at ease. She explained the two laser options she had and treated one of my armpits so I could feel what the laser was like as well as see the difference between my two armpits in two weeks. The location was very discreet. I liked that the majority of the building was an urgent care and the building felt like a professional clinic, so I wouldn’t be as embarrassed if someone I knew saw me walking in the doors of the place.

I’m going to wait two weeks to see the difference between the area treated by Kim and the area untreated. I’m being completely serious, the laser did not hurt! The one she tried on me had a fairly large head (like the size of a dog tag) that had a vacuuming and warming sensation on my skin. It took less than 10 pulses on my armpit to be complete, and definitely less than 5 minutes. The only part that could be scary for some people is the fact that you can’t see what’s happening because you’re required to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the light. One other potential downside (and this is generally for laser hair removal, not specific to Laser Smooth) is that 6 treatment would take 9 months to complete the area! That’s quite a commitment when you’re not supposed to use any other type of hair removal on the area. Thank goodness it’s at the end of summer…

Later today I went to another laser hair removal place, just to compare. They had a doctor on staff and an RN did all of the treatments. However, the RN did not make me feel welcome, the cost would be 3x what Kim quoted me, and if anything I felt like she wanted to get me out the door. It did not feel personalized and she did not try her two laser options on me. By the way, the one she said she’d use was the smaller of the two types Kim had. It supposedly was cool against the skin and felt like a rubberband. The tip was the size of a toothbrush head.

Anyways… I hope this information is useful to someone considering laser hair removal!” -Kate A., Richmond, VA

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