Why You Should Wear Sunscreen During Fall 

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Don’t Forget The Sunscreen! 

Even though the summer is over, you should still be wearing sunscreen. In fact, you should wear sunscreen all year round! Even when the weather is cool, even when it’s overcast out, you should be wearing sunscreen. About 80% of rays from the sun can pass easily through clouds, so don’t count on them to protect you. 

Sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays all year, which lowers your chance of skin cancer. Additionally, this protection can help prevent your skin from showing signs of aging prematurely. Sun damage can cause your skin to have a thick, leathery look as well as cause discoloration, lines, and sagging. 

Any time you’re going to be out in sunlight for an extended period of time, wear sunscreen. Make this part of your daily routine to protect yourself and keep your skin healthy. 

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