What’s Next? 3 Grooming Trend Predictions

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, March 2, 2018

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Grooming trends are as ephemeral as morning fog; for the masculine among us, one day it’s the height of style to have a sharply trimmed goatee and the next, it’s practically required that your entire face be baby smooth. And the trends are just as fickle for female-identifying individuals. On one hand, body hair has become far less stigmatized with younger generations, and on the other hand, it really feels great to just be smooth. Regardless of our own fickle tastes in body hair, one thing is for sure, trends will come and go but the most attractive trend will always be feeling great in your own skin. Here are three grooming trends we foresee being popular for 2018.

Lumberjack Chic Redux

Unkempt beards were a Northwest style trend particularly popular with folks we appeared to have never once built a log cabin with their bare hands. The progression of this grooming trend (or ironic rejection of a trend) has led to neatly kept beards, worn full but clipped close to the skin.

Deliberate, Personal Landscaping

Removing a bit of hair from between the eyebrows, knuckles or other such seemingly inconsequential zones is a simple and wonderful way to build self-confidence — which never goes out of style.

Keeping it Natural

Skincare and haircare brands are making big shifts toward natural products, but many of the best skincare products can be made right at home. Find a natural routine that works best for your skin and glow your way right through 2018.

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