These 3 Things Should Be A Part Of Everyone’s Skin Care Routine

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Your skincare routine may change from season to season, but there are a few things your routine should include regardless of the time of year. Take time to indulge each of these mandatory requisites for healthy skin and you may find you need even fewer products than you thought.

Exfoliation — Whether you are prone to oily, combination, or dry skin, your naturally occurring buildup of dead skin cells should be sloughed away periodically. Find an exfoliator that agrees with your specific skin type and ensure clear skin is always shining through.

Sunscreen — In the Pacific Northwest, sunshine is such a commodity, some might lose sight of its dangers when it appears. Protecting your skin from dangerous UV-A and UV-B rays is critical to its health. Find a sunscreen with an agreeable scent, a decent SPF (15 and up), and an application method that won’t leave you feeling greasy or pressed for time (we like mist applications).

Hydration — Drinking the appropriate amount a water every day is far more important to your skin health than any drugstore moisturizer. For folks with painfully dry skin, consult your primary care provider before experimenting with commercial moisturizing products, and always make proper nutrition and hydration a priority.

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