The Truth About Summer Skincare

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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The Truth About Summer Skin Care

Have you ever perused your favorite makeup guru’s Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channel and found yourself face to face with a “My Fave Summer Skin Products” or “My Foolproof Summer Skincare Tips?” Did you then possibly invest a considerable chunk of change on these lauded products only to find you were not instantly imbued with the even, flawless, face-tuned skin of Instagram Model? If only summer skincare was as easy as jotting down the twelve products our hallowed internet make-up celebrities swear by.

Truthfully, skin care, especially in the summer, is about more than a handful of creams and potions. Simply put; the sun steals the moisture from your body and then burns you. Here are all the basics you really need to keep your skin looking and feeling its summer best.

Water — and Lots of It

If you want to protect yourself, the first step is making sure you are drinking enough water for your body, and also enough for the heat to burglarize from you. Summer temps can swiftly increase, be prepared for sweating your precious moisture out by keeping a reusable water bottle with you. Fill often and sip often.

Sunproof Your Skin

When facing the sun, you absolutely must have your shields up. Choosing the right SPF is imperative to creating a custom summer skin care regimen. No matter your shade, from ebony to goat’s milk, SPF will keep the sun from incrementally snatching away your skin’s strength, elasticity, and youthfulness. Consult our professionals to select the precise SPF your skin requires.

Use Your Head — and Your Hat

Protect and defend your visage from the sun. A dramatic sun hat never goes out of fashion, but if ball caps are more your style, make sure they’re handy on sunny days. 

Moisturize — All Day, Everyday

Round out your regimen with an SPF daily moisturizer that has high water content, used both morning and evening, and cosmetics with SPF.

And enjoy your summer! Your skin care regimen is incomplete until it includes a sunny, summer smile.

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