The Cost Of Shaving

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Shaving – A Literal And Metaphorical Pain

They say pain is beauty, and there is no doubt that shaving is a huge pain. There is always the risk of cuts, razor burn, and just general skin irritation. We’re willing to put up with a lot for the sake of smooth, hair-free skin. Have you considered, though, the amount of strain shaving puts on your wallet?

How Shaving Puts A Hole In Your Pocket

When you break it down, shaving eats through a significant chunk of your funds. You’ll always have to replace your razor and buy more shaving cream. How much money do you think you throw away on hair removal methods that you just have to repeat over and over?

The Cost Of Shaving

Advice on how often you should change your razor blade is dependent on many variables such as how often you shave, the type of razor used, and so on. Sources say that razors should be replaced after anywhere from 3 to 10 uses. The truth is, you’ll have to decide for yourself when to replace your razor based on how effectively the razor still shaves for you personally.

For the sake of argument, though, let’s go somewhere in the middle. Let’s say that your razor should be replaced after around 6 uses. Using the same frequency of shaving suggested in the “How Much Time Do You Waste Shaving Your Legs?” post, we’ll say that a woman shaves her legs every other day, which makes for approximately 182 days of the year that she has to shave. If she replaces her razor every 6 shaves, she replaces her razor approximately 30 times a year.

Razors, of course, vary in cost by the quality of the product. For now, we’ll use the fairly affordable Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Women as an example. For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that our hypothetical woman already has the razor itself and just needs to purchase the blade refills. The currently discounted price on Amazon lists a pack of four refills for $12.77. To replace the blades of her razor 30 times a year, she would need to purchase the $12.77 four-pack refill 7.5 times a year. This would cost about $95.76 a year.

Keep in mind that these numbers are also heavily based on a woman shaving legs alone. This doesn’t take into account other body parts that need to be shaved such as underarms and the bikini area. These numbers also don’t yet take into account the cost of shaving cream. One bottle of women’s shaving cream usually costs between $3 – $4 If you use shaving cream and need to replace the bottle only every month, that brings the cost of shaving yearly up another $36. That means that the total cost yearly is approximately $131.76. If, as we have suggested in our previous post, women shave for approximately 50 years out of their lives, the total cost for shaving in one’s lifetime would amount to $6,588.

This is a generous calculation. There are many women who shave their legs more often, or who opt for higher quality products that cost more. There are other factors, such as how many body parts a woman might have and how often, that could easily increase the frequency at which razors and shaving cream needs to be repurchased. Additionally, the amount of time you spend on shaving contributes to your water bill! Either way, numbers don’t lie – you could easily spend thousands of dollars shaving your legs. Why not choose a more permanent hair removal option?

Laser Hair Removal Permanently Gets Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

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Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair for Good

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