The Biggest Trends in Skin Care For 2018

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Laser Smooth Company_The Biggest Trends in Skin Care For 2018

2017 was revolutionary for skin care and beauty. Rihanna’s Fenty cosmetic line singlehandedly transformed how beauty brands approach inclusivity (with several huge brands embarrassingly struggling to keep up). Brands like Glossier and Tata Harper showcased cosmetics and skincare products that served to showcase natural beauty rather than mask it. In general, skincare in 2018 is resoundingly rejecting antiquated notions of beauty in favor of something decidedly more inclusive and celebratory. Here are our favorite products poised to change the face of skincare in 2018:

Lixir’s Universal Emulsion

As overwrought beauty efforts that involve multiple products fall by the wayside, folks are encouraged to embrace more streamlined, universal beauty products that offer multiple benefits.  Lixir’s day cream, night cream, and primer emulsion is a perfect example of this simplification.

Subtle Green’s Intense Hydration

Bespoke skincare is a buzzy term you’re likely to hear more of in 2018. It simply means skincare customized to your exact skin through rigorous evaluation. These products can be pricey, but when the results are literally designed for your skin, you can bank on stupendous, million-dollar results.

Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask

Home care devices like Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask will be displayed on many a boudoir counter, replacing the myriad of creams, potions, and solutions typically associated with high-level skin care

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