Supposedly Healthy Foods That Can Cause Your Face To Breakout: #1

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Clear beautiful skin is the goal of many and what you eat has a major impact on your skin. You’ve heard it all your life,”You are what you eat”. There are some foods out there though that have been labeled as “healthy” but they can have a significant negative impact on your skin, causing you to breakout. One of them is foods labeled as “Low Fat”.

1. Low-fat anything
I realize I’ve started broadly, but with a few upcoming books about the subject, I’m fully convinced 2016 will become the year dietary-fat-is-bad myths finally die. When manufacturers remove fat, they’ve got to “flavor up” those foods with something else, and that usually involves sugar. Put another way, “low-fat” or “fat-free” almost always translates into high-sugar impact. Studies show sugar’s damage includes impairing collagen fibers, rendering them incapable of repair and creating advanced glycation end products or “AGEs,” an appropriate acronym for what they do to your skin.

Easy swap: Skip these low-fat fake foods and go for skin-boosting healthy fat sources like avocado, slow-roasted or dehydrated nuts and seeds, and wild-caught fish.

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SRC: Prevention: 5 Healthy Foods Making Your Skin Break Out

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