Starting Early; 3 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Skin Care

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Teaching children about skincare should be integral to teaching them about hygiene. Learning to care for and protect their skin early will help establish good habits as they age, ensuring a lifetime of (hopefully!) healthy skin. Use these three suggestions to plant the seeds of skincare with your children and make healthy skin a family affair.

Keep sunscreen next to the front door.

Make a concrete habit of applying sunscreen to all exposed areas before every outing. Make a fun routine of it, sing a little song or accompany your application with a happy dance. Whatever your delivery method, be consistent. The key to skin health in children is sun protection, so make it a priority.

Make water the beverage of choice every day.

A treat like chocolate milk or juice every now again is certainly acceptable, but the sooner children learn how crucial hydration is to their well-being the better. Keep their water bottles at their sides throughout the day so that hydration becomes a habit.

Lotion up after hand washing, face washing, and bath-time.

Hot water can dry out skin, and in colder months that can lead to chapped hands and faces. Get your kids into the habit of using a bit of lotion after wash time to ensure their skin stays as supple as it can be.

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