Quick Tips For Supple Hands and Feet

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, October 23, 2017

Laser Smooth Company_Quick Tips For Supple Hands and Feet

As the Baby Foot exfoliation craze sweeps the nation, we’re reminded just how much stress and strain we put our feet through every day. While Baby Foot may be an extreme way of restoring your feet to their supple best, there are several ways to achieve soft, refreshed feet for a fraction of the cost.

And if we’re talking about supple feet, we certainly should talk about supple hands. Constant washing, exposure, and basic function can leave our hands tired and depleted. Keeping your hands well moisturized, massaged and cared for is something that should be included in everyone’s self-care regime.

A simple poultice of cooked and mashed potatoes with a healthy pour of coconut oil added is a foot soak that has stood the test of time. Cover tired, aching feet in this starchy remedy for an hour, then rinse to reveal rejuvenated tootsies. This mixture is just as effective for dry hands.

Warm milk baths are well known to soothe and replenish tired, dry skin. Gently warming whole milk and allowing your feet or hands to soak for a mere 5 minutes will leave you with smooth, supple extremities.

Another timeless DIY skin elixir is a simple mixture of one cup of rolled oats and a few teaspoons of olive oil. This tasty paste will exfoliate and rejuvenate scaly feet and refresh overworked hands.

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