Protecting Your Skin From Fall And Winter Chill

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Laser smooth company_Protecting Your Skin From Fall And Winter Chill

Winter brings with it a bitter, drying chill that can penetrate your skin leaving it dry and cracked. Keeping your skin luminous through the colder months of the year takes effort, but the results can be so gratifying. Having an effective skin care routine that guards against the fall and winter elements is crucial to your skin’s radiance, here are our simple tips to help keep your skin vibrant and stunning all through winter.

First and foremost, when temperatures drop it’s important to have a rich moisturizing cream for everyday use; something denser than the lighter lotions popular for summer use. Thicker moisturizing formulas can protect your skin as well as nourish it, pulling double duty on brutally chilly days.

Daily face washing should be performed with lukewarm water as opposed to piping hot water which can leave your skin raw and dry. Pat your skin dry with a microfiber towel or ultra-soft wash-rag and make sure to use a very gentle, moisturizing cleanser.

Consider a humidifier if you suffer from acutely dry skin. Keeping a humidifier near your bedside will help keep your skin well hydrated during even the harshest of cold days.

Resist the urge to exfoliate at every shower or face washing. When skin is already suffering from the effects of dry winter air, exfoliating can exacerbate dry skin conditions.

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