Preparing Your Skin For Fall Weather

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, September 4, 2017

Laser Smooth Company_Preparing Your Skin For Fall Weather

Summer skin care means plenty of SPF, diligent hydration, and maintaining your skin’s moisture after a day in the sun. In autumn, as the temperatures drop, the subtle atmospheric changes can affect your skin remarkably. A few quick additions to your summer skin care routine, however, will have your skin welcoming fall with enthusiasm.

Your after sun care may consist of a cool soapy shower to wash away a day’s worth of sweat, but in fall, when the weather is cooler, soaps can dry out your skin. When you’re not in self-moistening mode (i.e., sweat city) you’ll want to consider swapping your body wash for a hydrating cleanser.

Cool weather can be incredibly drying for your skin. Your summer moisturizing lotion, replete with SPF could potentially and beneficially be swapped out for a heavy duty moisturizer, preferably a cream with incredible thickness and weight.

Areas of your face and body where the skin is a bit thinner will need extra attention to avoid becoming chapped as the weather cools down. Lips, for instance, should always have a strong, non-petroleum based balm to protect them from biting winds and icy temps. Cracked lips due to cold weather can be so uncomfortable, so make sure to invest in a balm that you love enough to use every day.

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