Negative Effects of Coffee on Your Skin

Posted by bmedia on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Laser Smooth Company_Negative Effects of Coffee on Your Skin

Coffee is a routine part of the day for many people across America. Although some of us may feel dependent on coffee to get us through the day, this energy-boosting drink can have a number of side effects on your skin!

Caffeine Dehydrates Skin

Much like alcohol and sodium, caffeine drains your skin of its natural moisture. All these things make your liver work harder, which causes toxic build up in the body. When our bodies are in toxic overload, the presence of low-level toxins that make their way to your skin disrupt healthy skin function. Dehydration can lead to premature aging, inflamed skin, and more toxins means you’re more likely to have acne.

Dairy Products Lead to Acne

It’s a common practice to cut coffee with creamer or milk, but these ingredients can also cause flare-ups of acne.

Sugar’s Effects on Skin

Of course, those who don’t want their coffee to be bitter add all varieties of sweeteners to their cups. Sugar also contributes to acne and can cause glycation, which results in inflammation and premature aging.

If you’re in the habit of consuming coffee regularly, try to moderate yourself. Weaning yourself slowly off of coffee will help your skin stay healthier and younger looking.

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