Making Your Sun or Spray Tan Last: #3

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, June 16, 2017

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Summer is here! Finally! While you’ve your fun adventures in the sun (and used sunscreen hopefully) you probably gained a gorgeous golden glow to your skin. But how can you make it last for as long as possible? Well, one thing you should always, always do is check the ingredients.

Check your spray tan ingredients.

A good spray tan is going to use a chemical agent to bring out pigment in your skin. But some solutions contain more alcohol than others, and alcohol dries you out.

“If your tan dries within one second of being sprayed on, then it probably has a lot of alcohol in it,” says Plotkin “which will make you exfoliate faster.”

Look for a salon or spray service that minimizes the alcohol content, and avoids irritants such as parabens. Even better, take a reco from a friend whose tan you admire.

And trust your senses. “If you smell a crazy chemical odor coming down the hallway in the tanning place,” says Plotkin, “that’s not good.”

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