Maintain Your Summer Glow With These Three Tips

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, August 21, 2017

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As the summer falls into our collective rearview mirror and we set out sights upon fall, one might find themselves concerned with keeping that sultry summer glow they’ve been cultivating this season. With hydration, moisturization and a balanced diet, you can keep your skin luminous and glowy, but these three tips can help you maintain the deeper skin tone gifted to you by a particularly hot, sunny Portland summer.

Keeping your skin hydrated is key, especially after lasting bouts with the sun. The right melanin stimulating, tan prolonging cream will do double duty, keeping your skin refreshed while maximizing your glow. These claims are pretty easy to fake though, so make sure to look for products containing key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, inositol (or carob extract), tyrosine (an amino acid) and psoralen (a product of bergamot oil), which are all proven to promote your body’s natural manufacturing of melanin.

Don’t be afraid to fake it, mixing in a tiny bit of gradual tanner in with your daily lotion will also help prolong your summer glow, especially if your color begins fading faster than you might have expected. Find a self-tanner that works best with your skin tone by testing a small area before slathering it all over yourself.

Go easy on the exfoliation and the steamy hot showers. Hot showers can dry skin out, and rigorous exfoliating can stimulate cell turnover, which is tantamount to giving your tan its walking papers.

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