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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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As our skin ages, it incrementally loses its elasticity, luminosity, and ability to rebound from minor irritations. Well, that’s life, and unless a long gulp from the fountain of youth is in our futures (Ponce DeLeon might have been mistaken about that whole thing, in case you hadn’t heard) we should all be considering how to adjust our skin care needs as we age.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but hydration is a key factor in luminous, even skin. Think of it as moisturizing your skin from the inside out, which becomes crucial as we age. Soda pop and milkshakes do not count as agents of hydration, but a squeeze of lemon, a slice of cucumber or a sliver of seasonal fruit can make plain water more palatable to the sweet toothed among us.

Examine your diet. Are you getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs – which we should all be aware, change as we get older? If you suspect your diet is lacking in nutritional content, take a moment and see what small daily changes you can make to improve your daily intake. You may find more than just your skin responding positively to the changes.

Relax. When you’re manifesting stress, your skin will be eager to nominate its luminosity in tribute. A relaxing bath, a half hour of yoga, a stroll among the blooming flora of your neighborhood, or just logging off for a few hours – whatever you need to lift your spirits and shelve the cares of the day your skin will appreciate. This can also be practice for your future self when you officially run out cares to give.

Never. Ever. Forget. SPF.

And last but not least, sleep well. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

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