Laser Smooth FAQ: Is Laser Hair Removal For Men Too?

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Quality Laser Hair Removal Services In Gresham

Gresham locals looking for a more permanent solution to removing unwanted hair can contact Laser Smooth Company for high-quality laser hair removal services.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the only option for permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal is a hair removal procedure that uses pulses of light to destroy hair follicles and prevents them from growing back. It can be a more cost-effective and more permanent solution to shaving and waxing. Since hair grows in cycles, to completely eliminate hair growth, 6-8 treatments (at intervals of 8-12 weeks) are needed to achieve the desired result.

Is Laser Hair Removal For Men Too?

One of the common questions Gresham customers have about laser hair removal is – is it for men, too? The answer is – of course! Laser hair removal is a useful tool for any and all genders. If you want to permanently reduce your body hair on your legs, chest, back, neck, facial area, and more – then laser hair removal is the choice for you! Laser Smooth Company does NOT discriminate. No matter the gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation you identify with, we believe in laser hair removal services for all!

Why Men Opt For Laser Hair Removal

There are many reasons men opt for laser hair removal, from involvement in sports to aesthetics! Here’s a breakdown on why you may want to consider laser hair removal.

1. Athletics

There are lots of athletes who need hair removal for the sake of their sport. For bodybuilders, it’s part of the aesthetic. For cyclists, having too much body hair can cause discomfort and chafing. Swimmers opt remove body hair to improve their swim times. Laser hair removal gives athletes a long-lasting hair removal option!

2. Excessive Body Hair

Laser hair removal is appealing for men who are uncomfortable with excess hair on their back, chest, stomach, or all over. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to remove all your hair. You can use it to think out hair in certain areas, too.

3. Facial Hair Grooming & Ingrown Hairs

Many men want to have less hair to make shaving easier, especially if they get ingrown hairs on their necks. Laser hair removal can help treat a condition called PFD, or pseudofolliculitis barbae. Clusters of inflamed, red, or dark bumps will appear around hair follicles from shaving. Essentially, they’re ingrown hairs that grow in all sorts of directions, which can leave scars. Even after two sessions, the ingrown hairs can disappear, and the skin comes back to its natural condition.

Have More Questions About Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re interested in laser hair removal but have more questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page! Laser Smooth Company is eager to help Gresham understand laser hair removal.

Get Permanent Hair Reduction With Laser Hair Removal Services At Laser Smooth Company

Laser hair removal is the only way to permanently remove unwanted body hair and give your skin that fresh, smooth feeling all year. Laser Smooth Company offers the best laser hair removal services in the Gresham area. We are always open for free consultations, and we’d love to help you take the first steps towards permanent hair removal. We are conveniently located at 2850 SE Powell Valley Rd in Gresham, Oregon. We are waiting for your visit.

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