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Laser hair removal is a procedure that offers great convenience for men just as much as women. If you are a man and still have some uncertainty about laser hair removal, read about how laser hair removal appeals to the male demographic: 

Clearly, it’s always a personal preference, but it seems that more and more, men prefer to keep their body parts — all areas from armpits to calves — smooth and hair-free. And while the delicious stripper dramedy may be so last year by this point, there’s still a pertinent dialogue surrounding all things smooth skin for the male gender. According to a recent poll in Men’s Health, 33 percent of men admitted to trimming their leg hair, while another 15 percent say they shave frequently. EvenMashable entered the conversation, posting a recent article about the ins and outs of male grooming — on the backside. 

Ahem, on that note, we felt it was ripe time to get to the bottom of the follicle problem to see just how many more men are opting for the Magic Mike look (Mr. Tatum’s dance moves not included). Pret-a-Reporter caught up with an expert in the field, Dr. Ramin Sarshad, about the spike in hair removal business he’s seen from men at his Culver City-based Cosmetique Aesthetics. Sarshad has been medical director of the clinic since 2005, and while he won’t reveal any client names, its proximity to Sony Pictures Entertainment lot means that he likely counts some Hollywood insiders on his client list. 

But about that hair removal biz…

Pret-a-Reporter: Manscaping has received loads of attention recently as the spotlight turns to hair removal procedures for men. Have you seen a change in your business in terms of male versus female demographic?

Sarshad: Yes, we have seen a lot more men coming in and receiving laser hair removal treatments. We have always had a loyal male customer base for services such as fillers, botox, lipo and facials. Hair removal treatments have become as paramount to men as it is to many women. We have seen an upsurge in male requests for laser hair removal for difficult beards, along the neckline — for many men, hair on this part of the body grows very rapidly — and on the back. Laser hair removal for legs has become an increasing popular request amongst our male clientele too.

LOOK MA, NO HAIR!: Carlos PenaVega shows off his hairless chest and arms at a “Dancing with the Stars” Season 21 event at CBS Television City on Oct. 19, 2015. (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

What is the most common area men come in for?
Most common areas seem to be the neck and back, (it means less visits to the barber, too!) 

Is there a difference in laser hair removal treatments for men vs. women?
Yes, men need more sessions then women because of the hormonal difference. I always want to meet the person before undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments to ascertain how many sessions I would recommend.

What is the biggest misconception you encounter with laser hair removal?
The biggest misconception is “the hair came back” or “the laser didn’t work,” which is not true. If you are seeing hair return then it is because the laser has re-awakened dormant hair follicles.

What is the benefit of laser over electrolysis?
There is high chances of scarring with electrolysis. You don’t have that with laser hair removal. 

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