Is Laser Hair Removal For You? Three Things You Never Knew About Laser Hair Removal

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 1, 2017

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If you’ve even for one moment considered laser hair removal as an option to deal with stubborn unwanted hair, we assure you, it’s very likely a perfect solution. The art of laser hair removal is a safe and permanent way to ensure complete eradication of your unwanted hair. Since you’re already thinking about a permanent solution to your hair woes, here a few things you might not yet know.

Laser hair removal is almost painless, but not quite. The sensation is tolerable; far more so than waxing and plucking. Post hair removal you may experience a bit of redness or itching but these symptoms typically clear up within twenty minutes to two hours.

It’s advisable to shave a few days prior to your scheduled treatment. Shaving the hair, and allowing just a touch of new growth stimulates follicles and enables the energy of the laser to focus on the follicle rather than the strand. Waxing, however, is not advisable as it eradicates the entire hair shaft, leaving nothing left to respond to the laser.

 You should never settle on a laser hair removal technician. The most important thing to consider on your journey to laser hair removal is the experience and consideration of your tech.

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