Is Laser Hair Removal Better Than Shaving And Waxing? 

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Sunday, November 1, 2020

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Professional Laser Hair Removal Services In Gresham 

Gresham locals, if you’re tired of needing to shave and/or wax over and over again just to get that smooth, hair-free look and feeling you crave, then visit Laser Smooth Company. We offer top-notch laser hair removal services in Gresham, and we’re eager to help Gresham locals learn about the benefits of laser hair removal. Don’t hesitate to visit Laser Smooth Company! 

Is Laser Hair Removal Really Better Than Shaving And Waxing? 

At Laser Smooth Company, we truly believe laser hair removal to be the best method for removing unwanted body hair. Of course, one must take into account that laser hair removal isn’t for all types of hair and is most effective under the right circumstances. For example, laser hair removal doesn’t work on the short, thin, light-colored hair known as “vellus hair.” The lasers used during laser hair removal are attracted to pigment, so dark, coarse hairs are most easily removed by laser hair removal. 

Where laser hair removal can be used, however, it has many benefits over shaving and waxing. Shaving a waxing are both literal and figurative pains. Accidental cuts, painful pulling, and the necessity to repeat both tasks cause, in our opinion, more bother than they’re worth. Not to mention, the pull on your skin that happens during waxing can actually cause micro-tears that damage your skin. 

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, has a sensation that can be likened to snapping a rubber band across one’s skin. While it may feel uncomfortable, many don’t describe it as a particularly painful process. Additionally, you need to perform laser hair removal much much less frequently. Laser hair removal permanently reduces unwanted body hair. Your hair will grow back in much thinner than before. Additionally, you likely won’t need to come in for laser hair removal again for a very long time. Typically, our patients only need maintenance after periods of 6 months to a year. 

Laser hair removal can also be used to permanently thin out hair in a particular area if you prefer not to have it removed entirely. For example, some people with thick chest hair may want to keep their chest hair, but thin it out a little. Laser hair removal can do that for you! 

With a hair removal method that is this versatile, effective, and long-lasting, why wouldn’t you want to try it? Say goodbye to troublesome shaving and waxing and choose laser hair removal at Laser Smooth Company instead! 

Get Permanent Hair Reduction With Laser Hair Removal Services At Laser Smooth Company 

Laser hair removal is the only way to permanently remove unwanted body hair and give your skin that fresh, smooth feeling all year. Laser Smooth Company offers the best laser hair removal services in the Gresham area. We offer our Gresham clients free consultations, and we’d love to help you take the first steps towards permanent hair removal. We are conveniently located at 2850 SE Powell Valley Rd in Gresham, Oregon. We are waiting for your visit. 

Contact us or call at (503) 867-6386 for your consultation. 

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