How To Treat A Sunburn: Act Fast, Cool It Down!

Posted by Kim Saad on Monday, July 17, 2017

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Summertime means fun in the sun but it can also be a painful thing. Maybe you forgot to reapply your sunscreen or you fell asleep while hoping to get your vitamin D intake for the day. Only now your skin is bright lobster red and ooowwwwww! What do you do now? Follow us for our series on treating your skin after getting a sunburn. The first thing you should do is to cool it down.

Act Fast to Cool It Down

If you’re near a cold pool, lake or ocean, take a quick dip to cool your skin, but only for a few seconds so you don’t prolong your exposure. Then cover up and get out of the sun immediately. Continue to cool the burn with cold compresses. You can use ice to make ice water for a cold compress, but don’t apply ice directly to the sunburn. Or take a cool shower or bath, but not for too long, which can be drying, and avoid harsh soap, which might irritate the skin even more.

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Tip #1: How To Treat A Sunburn: Act Fast, Cool It Down!

Tip #2: How To Treat A Sunburn: Moisturize While Skin Is Damp

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Tip #4: How To Treat A Sunburn: Replenish Your Fluids

See a Doctor if …

Seek medical help if you have severe blistering over a large portion of the body, fever and chills, or feel woozy or confused. Don’t scratch or pop blisters, as this can lead to infection. Signs of infection include red streaks or oozing pus.

Learn from the Burn!

Your skin will heal, but real damage has been done. Don’t dismiss sunburn pain. Commit it to memory and protect yourself from repeat sunburns, which can put you at risk for skin cancer and premature aging. Protect yourself from the sun everyday, all year long.

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