How To Calm Your Skin Post Laser Treatment

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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Though laser hair removal can be remarkably uncomplicated with minimal, if any, pain, aftercare remains a primary concern. Skin that has recently come into contact with a follicle obliterating laser requires aftercare to soothe and mollify even slight inflammation. Follow these few aftercare tips to ensure your skin stays placid after each of your laser hair removal sessions.

Immediately following a laser hair removal treatment, apply a cool towel or ice pack to the treatment area to ease any discomfort. Post-treatment you may feel a sensation similar to a sunburn, and an ice pack can provide immediate relief.

A light application of pure aloe vera gel can also be remarkably soothing post-treatment. Aloe vera gets its reputation as a skin care dynamo by providing calming comfort to aggravated skin, so keep a bottle at the ready after each session.

Avoid screaming hot showers and baths for a few days after your treatment. Intense heat can exacerbate any lingering discomfort. Instead opt for warm showers that won’t leave your prone body radiating with heat.

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