How Dairy Can Damage Your Skin | 5 Food That Can Damage Skin Texture

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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We all want to have smooth beautiful skin. It’s why we have our care routines to keep it as healthy as possible. But some of the foods you eat can also halt your progress, and harm your skin! Make sure to be careful with foods like Dairy, or you could really damage the texture of your skin!

Dairy products: We get a number of health benefits from dairy products. But having them in excess can lead to puffy eyelids, under eye bags, blackheads, spots, acne and wrinkles on the bridge of nose. According to a study, there is a link between higher milk consumption and acne. It was also found that higher amount of bioavailable hormones in skimmed milk, caused acne on face. Weight watchers are recommended to drink about three glasses of skimmed milk a day and one or more portions of low-fat yoghurt or low-fat cottage cheese.

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SRC: 5 Foods That Can Damage Skin Texture

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