Daily Showers – Too Much for Your Skin

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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It wasn’t all that long ago, historically speaking, that daily bathing would have been incredibly difficult. The advent of indoor plumbing and the water heater has made what was once a luxury into something easily accessible for modern society.


People can, and for the most part do, indulge in daily bathing and showering with warm, soothing water.

But should we?

Logically, one would think that the more you shower, the cleaner you are. However, while regular showering is important for personal hygiene, showering too frequently can actually damage your skin.

Showering breaks down the protective horny layer of your skin. Your outermost protection consists of a layer of hardened, dead skin cells held together by lipids. This layer, known as the horny layer, protects the layers of living cells beneath it while the lipids, a type of fatty compound, help maintain the moisture of your skin.

Soap and hot water work to dissolve lipids. Scrubbing hastens this process. More frequent showers equals more damage done to this later. It is even possible to strip away this layer entirely, exposing the sensitive skin underneath. Therefore, showering too often can lead to dry, cracked, sensitive skin.

Rubbing yourself off with a towel after showering can be damaging to your skin, too. The scrubbing motion further damages your protective layer, especially if the towel is rough. Few of us have time to air dry, but if you must use a towel to dry then make sure it is soft and that you pat yourself gently.

Everyone’s skin is different, so showering may not effective everyone the same. Still, skipping the occasional shower can be good for your skin. If you worry about damaging your skin or you find yourself feeling more sensitive after showering than you like, then you can protect yourself by using warm rather than hot water, switching to softer soaps, and applying moisturizer after each shower.

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