Customize Your Hair Removal Service

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Laser Smooth Company_Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You

At Laser Smooth Company, we want to ensure that you get the laser hair removal treatment that is right for you. We specialize in removing unwanted body hair for men and women alike. Our service comes with impressive speed and comfort. With the innovative High Speed LightSheer Duet Laser, we are able to reduce treatment times by75%, and with minimal discomfort for you.

Customize Your Hair Removal Service

We understand that making the decision to opt for laser hair removal can be intimidating, and we want to make it easier for you. At Laser Smooth Company, we offer a number of treatments in a number of areas, so you get to choose the options best for you.

First, you should know that treatment areas, on average, require between 4 and 8 treatments. This is because hair growth in each hair follicle occurs in a cycle. There are three main phases of the hair growth cycle: anagen, catagen and telogen. Every terminal hair on our bodies is in one of the three stages of hair growth. Normally this cycle of hair production will continue for the duration of the individual’s life. However, various factors can influence, promote and inhibit hair production. Laser hair removal is only able to affect hairs that are in the anagen phase of growth. Thus, multiple treatments are needed in order to disable each batch of hair as it enters the anagen phase of growth.

Because multiple treatments are required, we offer the option of bundling treatments to lower prices. You can pay for treatments in increments of one, three, or six treatments. Learn more about pricing options here.

Next, you should know that you get to decide the areas you want your hair removed. Not everyone wants all their hair removed. Plenty of people of specific areas they want to target for permanent hair removal. All the areas that are eligible for laser hair removal treatments are identified as Small, Medium, or Large treatment areas.

Small Treatment Areas

Underarms, hands, feet, areolas, bikini line, happy trail, chin, forehead, sideburns, upper lip, lower lip, jawline, ears, anterior neck, posterior neck

Medium Treatment Areas

Upper arms, lower arms, upper back, lower back, chest, stomach, shoulders, buttocks, men’s beard line

Large Treatment Areas

Full face, Full Arms, Lower Legs, Upper Legs, Brazilian, Full back, Chest & Abs

Once you have an idea of where you’d like to try laser hair removal, give us a call at (503) 867-6386. We are always open for free consultations, and we’d love to help you take the first steps towards permanently hair removal!

At Laser Smooth Company, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy their smooth skin to the fullest! We are conveniently located at 2850 SE Powell Valley Rd in Gresham, Oregon. Come visit us today!

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