Choosing The Right Hair Removal Treatment

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, June 8, 2018

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Choosing the right hair removal treatment before the summer begins is a smart move for those who covet smooth, supple bare skin. Besides, summer fashions require showing a bit of skin, and if you prefer your skin to be as silky and luminous as possible, hair removal is a smart place to start. Laser hair removal is one way to achieve permanent hair reduction for smooth sexy skin all summer long.

Get Smooth Skin All Summer Long with Laser Hair Removal

There are many methods of hair removal, laser removal among them, but committing to one takes judicious consideration. The success of laser hair removal depends upon a number of variables, such as hair and skin pigmentation, as well as coarseness of hair. Lasers used for permanent hair removal emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigments in hair. If the hair is coarse, or if the surrounding skin is lighter than the pigment of the hair, the pigment in the hair will better absorb the heat from the laser, thereby destroying the hair follicle.

In order to prevent burning of the surrounding skin during laser treatments, the laser produces a narrow bandwidth, which concentrates the laser on the hair. Although, when a laser beam is emitted, heat is transferred from the hair to the surrounding skin for several milliseconds after the pulse. Because of this, some lasers have cooling attachments to surround the skin, which helps to absorb heat that is transmitted to the skin during a laser treatment.

Laser Smooth Company is proud to perform hair removal for all individuals, in all areas of the body. We are located in Gresham, Oregon. Our clinic features the LightSheer Duet, the newest and most innovative laser hair removal system. Visit our Services page to learn more about our laser hair removal treatments.

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