Changes To Laser Smooth Company’s Office And Treatment Area

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Laser Smooth Company Strives To Keep Gresham Customers Healthy And Safe

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left a major impact on the way we live our lives. During these uncertain times, the best thing we can do is to take every precaution to protect both ourselves and others from further spreading the pandemic. At Laser Smooth Company, we are happy for the chance to keep providing professional laser hair removal services. To protect our customers, we are adhering to all the recommendations set forth by the Oregon Health Authority for personal services. This means that Gresham customers can expect certain changes when they visit Laser Smooth Company.

Changes To Our Office And Treatment Area

Part of Laser Smooth Company’s plan to keep Gresham customers safe is making sure that our office is easily clean and sanitized after every single customer. In order to accomplish this, we have removed items that are not easily cleaned from our office. This includes any seasonal decorations, any upholstered chairs, the bowl of complimentary chocolates, and so on. We are also limiting the amount of time that our Gresham customers are spending in the waiting area by asking them to remain in their car until they are texted to come inside. At that point, we ask our customers to come straight back to the treatment room instead of lingering in the waiting area.

Laser Smooth Company has made changes to the treatment room as well. The previous privacy divider has been replaced with a medical-grade antimicrobial divider. Additionally, the seating in the area has been replaced with medical grade vinyl chairs. Both of these replacements aid in keeping our treatment area and office more sanitary and easily cleaned. As usual, we will continue to provide our Gresham customers with wipes and hand sanitizer to use while they are in our office.

Another way in which Laser Smooth Company hopes to keep our customers safe is by limiting the amount of people in a room at any given time. As such, only one customer will be allowed in the treatment room at any time.

Laser Smooth Company is glad to continue serving the people of Gresham. With the proper amount of caution and safety procedures, we can come through these difficult times together.

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