Baby Sunscreen May Be Better For Your Skin Than Adult Sunscreen

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, June 6, 2016


Break out the sunscreen summer is here! But what kind is the best? Apparently baby sunscreen is far better at protecting your skin than regular sunscreen.

According to Marie Claire, people with sensitive skins will thank heavens that baby sunscreen has been invented. Baby sunscreen, which contain zinc as an active ingredient may even be more beneficial than the regular sunscreen. 

“This is a physical sunscreen ingredient in that it sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t get absorbed through the skin, which is why it’s safe for babies,” Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi of Capital Laser & Skin Care shared to Marie Claire. “The only difference between the baby formulations and the adult version is the cosmetic ‘elegance’ of the product.” 

As many people would naturally be unaware, adult sunscreens are only different from baby sunscreens because they contain contain chemicals that would prevent the white finish from showing. Baby sunscreens d not have this chemical, so the white finish that zinc caused can be visible. 

Even if it looks weird to have such a ghastly appearance after putting on baby sunscreen, this may be more effective and safe for people with sensitive skins. Compared to adult sunscreens, baby sunscreens also sometimes cost cheaper. 

Baby sunscreens therefore add to the growing list of baby products that adult can find useful too, such as baby oil, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream! Baby shampoos can sometimes work great for adults, who are specifically sensitive to the chemicals that adult shampoos eyes that can cause a whole lot of tears when the suds get to the eye.

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