6 Protips For Glowing Summer Skin

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If you want wonderful glowing summertime skin here are a few protips and tricks to help you.

PRO TIP: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

We have all heard this time and time again, but it always merits repeating: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa recommends the age-old trick of drinking lots of water. “Add cucumber to your water pitcher and leave it in the fridge. It tastes wonderful, is extra hydrating and can also be used as a compress to sooth red skin and to make cotton pads for tired and puffy eyes,” she shares.

“Well-hydrated skin is essential to promote healthy skin and protect against aging,” adds Dr. Lorien Sties, a dermatologist from Saint Thomas Health and Nashville Skin & Cancer. She suggests a non-surfactant soap or products with hyaluronic acid — for hydration and repair as well as a gentle moisturizer.

Another way to keep skin hydrated is with a toning mist. “If you are overheated, it is a great way to cool down and stay hydrated,” Mary Kathryn Yeiser of Therapy Systems, Inc. says. “We recommend keeping a travel-sized toning mist in your purse.”

PRO TIP: Double cleanse.

It comes as no surprise that Margaret de Heinrich, founder of Omorovicza, is full of tips and tricks for mastering skincare. One of our favorite tips is her recommendation to double cleanse. “I am often surprised that women don’t see cleansing as key. It is the absolute foundation of great, beautiful skin that is clarified and detoxified,” she tells us.

PRO TIP: Protection is key.

Avoiding the sun from the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. is ideal, advises Cathy Pardue of Belle Meade Dermatology Skin and Laser Center. If you happen to be in the sun during these hours, Cathy suggests, “Use moisturizer and a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher in the morning and wear a big-brimmed hat or a hat with SPF 50 sunscreen protection already builtin.” Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa also recommends covering up. “Wear hats and SPF clothing that will cover your arms, chest and back of your neck if you’re going to be exposed for long periods (at the beach or lake, driving in a convertible, etc.). There are so many stylish options now from Coolibar and Sun Precautions — and, you don’t have to apply as much sunscreen.” When you are applying your sunscreen, do so 20 minutes before going outside and continue to apply every couple of hours throughout the day. “You need to give the products time to penetrate,” Robin explains. 


PRO TIP: Exfoliating has its benefits.

Exfoliating is beneficial and it is essential to get clear, clean, rejuvenated skin. “Regularly sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells not only uncovers brighter skin, but it also prevents pores from getting clogged,” says Laurie Hays of Facial Rejuvenation Center. “I suggest everyday exfoliation using a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids such as glycolic and salicylic. Daily peels are like a steady exercise to the skin, it is far better to use something every day that is not super concentrated than to use something radical at once.” Mary Kathryn Yeiser of Therapy Systems, Inc. agrees with the importance of keeping up your exfoliation in the summer months but she steers towards something a bit more gentle for the skin. “An enzyme is a great alternative, because they still provide exfoliation but are more gentle.” she says.

PRO TIP: Pamper more than just your face.

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that takes a beating from the sun and summer heat. When updating your skincare routine for summer, pay attention to your feet, hands and body — they need some extra lovin’ too. “The sun is very drying to the skin and causes an excess build up of dead cells … body skin needs exfoliating and regular hydration with body lotion. And be sure to apply SPF to hands and feet,” Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa reminds us.

“In the summer, your feet can’t catch a break,” Dr. Sites of Saint Thomas Health. Wearing sandals or flip flops can lead to painful cracks and calluses, which distract from that pretty pedicure. Use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone to gently rub away hard skin. Then, apply a rich moisturizing cream to soften the skin.”

PRO TIP: Wear makeup that won’t melt off.

Of course you can still wear makeup in the heat — just make sure it is the right makeup. Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa likes Jane Iredale’s mineral foundation, which gives you coverage, SPF 22 and an extra layer of protection, without feeling mask-like as the heat index climbs. “Also, use waterproof lipliner to define and fill in lips completely for an opaque protection,” she says.

Keep your skin healthy and soft after removing any unwanted hair. To learn about aftercare for your laser treatments go here!

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