5 Treatments That Help Control Oily Skin

Posted by bmedia on Thursday, September 6, 2018

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Our skin’s natural oils serve a purpose. These oils are meant to protect and hydrate the skin and are vital for keeping the skin healthy. However, sometimes skin overproduces these oils, causing other problems such as clogged pores and acne. If your skin tends to be too oily, here are some tips to help treat your oily skin.

Regularly Wash with Gentle Cleansers

The best method of washing to reduce oily skin is to wash with a gentle soap and warm water. Avoid soaps with fragrances, added moisturizers, or harsh chemicals. These things can dry skin out, and while that might sound like what you want, it’s not. Drying out your skin too much will only result in it producing more oil to make up for the lack of it.

Try a Natural Astringent Toner

Some astringent toners, such as ones with alcohol, risk drying out your skin. However, some natural astringents, such as witch hazel, have proven to work well for people with oily skin. Witch hazel has a high tannin content that makes it a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory. It should be noted that this method isn’t for everyone. Some people experience itchiness and irritation that leads to over-dryness. This method should first be tested on a small patch of skin to gauge your skin’s reaction.

Pat Yourself Dry

Instead of wiping your face dry after washing, gently pat it dry. Wiping with a too-rough cloth can overstimulate the skin and cause more oil production, so gentle drying methods are best.

Blotting Papers

Blotting papers will not cure your oily skin, but they are useful for removing excess oil from the top of your skin. When used throughout the day, blotting papers will help your skin seem less shiny.

Facial Masks

Certain facial masks can be used to treat oily skin. Masks containing clay and minerals like smectite or bentonite can absorb oils and reduce skin shininess and sebum levels without irritating the skin but should be used sparingly to prevent skin from drying out. Raw honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, so a ten-minute mask can be helpful for reducing oiliness and help control acne. Masks containing oatmeal are useful, too. Oats contain gentle, cleansing saponins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that could soothe irritated skin.

Sometimes it takes some trial and error to find just the right treatments for your skin, but its important to find a balance between cleaning your skin enough to reduce oils without irritating it or dry it out. After all, having healthy skin is an essential part of living a happy, fulfilling life.

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