5 Skincare Basics Anyone Can Do Everyday

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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When it comes to taking care of our skin, the simplest methods are often the best. There’s tons of advice out there on taking care of skin – and no wonder! It’s something that should be important to everyone. Sometimes the task of finding the right treatments for your skin and your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Laser Smooth Company wants to remind you of five easy skincare tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives. Time to get back to basics!

Stay Hydrated

Especially during the summer, it’s important to get those six to eight glasses of water in each day. The sun dries your skin out, so you have to make sure to take more water in. It’s good not only for your skin, but the rest of your body as well. There are also so many flavored water options today – so those of you who have trouble swallowing plain water are in luck.

Wear Sunscreen

Any time you think you’ll be spending an extended amount of time in the sun, be sure to protect your exposed skin with sunscreen. Don’t just assume that your skin will be fine without protection. Sunscreen can help prevent unsightly wrinkles, as well as protect against painful sunburn and skin cancer.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is something that many people struggle with. We all have busy lives. All the same, it is so important to get a proper seven to eight hours of rest per night. If you don’t want to look tired, you have to work on not actually being tired. Sleep helps your body restore itself – skin included. Getting that regular rest in will help remove those undereye bags in no time.

Wear Less Makeup

Sometimes it’s hard to give up wearing your favorite makeup, but a quick and easy way to de-stress your skin is to give it a little break. Your skin needs to breathe just as much as you do and using lighter makeup will allow your pores to get the oxygen it needs. Go bare-faced if you have nowhere to go, or go a couple of days wearing just a light concealer, some lip balm, and mascara.

Being in a warm shower opens up your pores, making it easy and convenient to clean them out. When you have the time, give yourself a few spare moments under the warm spray. Your skin will thank you!

When your skin is smooth and healthy, it will look even better by permanently reducing some of that extra, unneeded body hair. Laser Smooth Company is ready to help you get the smooth skin you deserve! We are conveniently located at 2850 SE Powell Valley Rd in Gresham, Oregon. Come visit us to achieve the ultimate in healthy skin.

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