3 Signs You Need To Moisturize More Often

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Laser Smooth Company_3 Signs You Need To Moisturize More Often

The weather is so fickle these quickly retreating winter months. You may be puckering your face as your sinuses frost over first thing in the morning, but by the afternoon, you’re likely shrugging off a light sweater because you’re beginning to overheat. These wild temperature fluctuations can be difficult for your skin. Look for these warning signs that your dry skin is in desperate need of moisture:

3 Signs You Need To Moisturize More Often

You Skin Appears Dull – If you notice your skin losing a bit of its color and elasticity, revive yourself with a moisturizing mask and several glasses of water. Parched skin does not reflect light with the same vigor as moisturized skin, so lather on your lotion of choice to get your luminescent skin back.

Your Skin Feels Tighter Than Usual – Another sure sign that your skin is thirsty is the feeling of tightness in your jaw and hairline. Skin dry enough to tighten is likely to also crack, so take this warning sign as an indication that you need to hydrate and moisturize post haste.

Cracked Lips – You can slather on all the lip balm in the world, but without proper hydration, cracked lips will persist. Make sure to avoid this common winter malady by drinking water every day as well as using a hydrating cleanser and lotion.

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