3 Popular Hair Removal Treatments For Men

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Permanent hair removal may not conjure images of burly fellows fretting over unwanted body hair, but it should! Laser hair removal has been a chief method of hair removal for men for decades. While the vanity behind common conceptions of hair removal seems to fall squarely on women, it’s a commonplace procedure for men as well. Gender binary aside, laser hair removal is for any individual for whom unwanted hair interferes with their everyday life, and that includes men, women, and non-binary folks as well, but today we’re talking about the three most common laser hair removal treatments employed by biological men or those who identify as male.


The flawless hairline as a grooming trend is hardly new, but laser treatments can create perfectly level hairlines, meaning you’ll never walk away from your barber’s chair with an uneven line-up again.


The faithful neck-beard is a hassle for many hirsute men who prefer to wear their facial hair tightly groomed. Neck bears can be itchy and uncomfortable, especially for those men with full facial beards. Laser removal of a neckbeard makes grooming infinitely easier and more comfortable.


Many men with considerable uni-brows have opted for permanent laser hair removal rather than waxing or tweezing.

If unwanted hair is damaging your self-confidence or causing anxiety, laser hair removal can help by revealing your healthy, luminous skin. Contact Laser Smooth Company to learn more about how we can effectively remove your unwanted hair.

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