3 Femme Grooming Predictions For 2018

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, March 16, 2018

Laser Smooth Company_3 Femme Grooming Predictions For 2018

Like most grooming trends, the body hair trends of femme identifying folks are flexible and ever-changing. While 2017 ushered in trends like natural brows, bushy pubic areas, and glittery underarm hair it also sets trends in the normalization of a gender spectrum rather than a gender binary. The feminine mystique was no longer an opaque concept concerned with antiquated roles, but rather a source of power and beauty that could not be contained in one or two facile trends.

For many, this led to ease of access to the tools of gender performance, such as laser hair removal. Perhaps the biggest and most important trend of 2017 was finding comfort in one’s own skin regardless of biology or tradition.

In 2018 we expect to see a strengthening of these ideals; that there is no one way to look or be, but instead that confidence and comfort can be profoundly liked with enviable style. That said, superficial issues that prevent a person from moving about the world with self-assurance should, in 2018, be surmounted. If unwanted patches of aberrant hair cloud your ability to celebrate your own unique beauty, then let’s get rid of them! If your interpretation of peak feminity is smooth, luminous skin unmarked by coarse body hair, then so be it! Or if you’re simply exhausted with grooming, but remain enthusiastic about your results, let’s make those results permanent and eliminate the expense and uncomfortable hassle of shaving or waxing.

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