3 Exercises You Can Do To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, December 4, 2017

Laser Smooth Company_3 Exercises You Can Do To Keep Your Skin Healthy

During the holiday season, physical fitness can sometimes take a backseat to family celebrations (often involving large quantities of rich foods). Finding balance between joyful indulgence and healthy activity during the holiday season can be difficult, but consider these three quick, easy exercises you can do between white elephant office parties and family feasts.


Commonly referred to as the chair pose, this yoga asana engages your core and stimulates your heart, elevating your blood flow and supplying a rush of nutrients to your skin. To do this pose, start with bent knees, hip-width apart. Keeping your hips back, push your chest forward and stretch your hands above your head, keeping your arms in line with your ears.


Use your spare moments to burst into a quick set of 5 lunges followed by 5 pushups (feel free to increase that number if you’re so inclined). Repeat at will, but limit this exercise to every other day. These sets will increase your heart rate, and promote circulation, leaving you with glowing, luminous skin.

Office Chair Jumping Jacks

This exercise is precisely what the name implies. A short rep of 15 – 20 seated jumping jacks will give you a mild cardio workout without your leaving your desk.

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