3 DIY Toners To Try At Home

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, October 30, 2017

Laser Smooth Company_3 DIY Toners To Try At Home

Toning dry skin in the apex of Autumn can be challenging. There are thousands of drugstore and department store toners that promise all manner of delicious skin soothing effects, but finding the perfect product for your skin type can take time and a considerable amount of cash. Try these DIY toners for dry skin instead of shelling out for big-name products that typically contain the same active ingredients.

Cucumber Rose Water Face Tonic—This super simple DIY toner boasts only two ingredients but offers the same powerful effects as many store-bought brands. Simply peel and de-seed one cucumber. Press the cucumber flesh through a ricer or juicer to produce approximately 3 tablespoons of cucumber juice. Mix this with four tablespoons of pure rose water, pour the mixture into a small spray bottle and apply it to clean skin, post-shower.

Lemon Witch Face Tonic—Well, it’s not witchcraft, but it may as well be. This soothing toner is perfect for dry skin and also only contains two ingredients; witch hazel and lemon juice—one and two tablespoons respectively. This elixir is best applied with a cotton ball.

Coconut & Raw Milk Toner For Dry, Sensitive Skin—Just one tablespoon of unprocessed coconut water mixed with one tablespoon of raw milk (look for it at your local farmers market) and applied with a cotton ball will tone and moisturize dry, sensitive faces.

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